Good day everyone!

The last few weeks have been really great, mainly because I haven’t had a full week of class for a while. There were midterms at the Middle School one week, Sports-Day at the Elementary School on another, and even a special English Camp on another. But those were just minor days off, it gets much better. Two weeks back I had a field trip with the Elementary School! We went to 63 Building in Seoul. This was my first time seeing the building, so I was really happy about it. If you remember my Tokyo trip, the National Government Building has a spectacular view of Tokyo from the 45th floor. Well, 63 Building has a spectacular view of Seoul from the 60th floor! It wasn’t the greatest of days, what with poor weather and the hectic atmosphere of dealing with an entire schools-worth of children, but it was a great time! On the 60th floor they have an art exhibit with some really nice pieces as well as the fantastic view of the city. The building is so big that it also has an aquarium with some really beautiful fish, a pretty decent wax museum, and an IMAX theatre. The IMAX movie was pretty boring, it was about Natives in America, but the presentation was not very fun. The scenery was beautiful, and the natives were dubbed over in Korean, which was pretty funny, but none of the students really enjoyed it.

The best part about working at both an Elementary School and a Middle School is that I get to participate in both sets of field trips! Last Tuesday I was able to join the Middle School on their trip to Cheonan. On the way, we stopped in Yesan to visit the Memorial Hall of the Martyr Yoon Bong-gil. Yesan is very close to where I am currently living, this area is full of history! He was an anti-Japan activist and also an assassin! He went to Shanghai and carried out  a bombing attack at a Japanese Military celebration on April 29, 1932, killing  a General of Japans Imperial Army and also a Chancellor. He was transferred to a prison in Osaka and was sentenced to death in December of the same year.

After that, we went to the Nong Shim Factory in Cheonan to see how Ramyeon an other Nong Shim products are made. It was mostly automated, save for the quality control faculty who just watch the assembly line for anomalies. We had to wear lab coats, hair nets, and shoe covers and go throw an air cleaner before we went in, which was pretty fun. At the end of the tour, everyone was given a care package from Nong Shim, I took some pictures!

Oh my goodness, what could be inside!?

It’s a plethora of Nong Shim products!

After that we went to the Independence Hall of Korea, located in Cheonan. It was really amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera on this field trip (brain fart), but trust me, it was a really beautiful place. You can google it if you are interested, more good history. Finally, we went to the seaside and checked out some old boats. It was more fun than it sounds hah! On the way there, the students wanted to have a Norae Bang session on the bus. The bus was outfitted with a whole Norae Bang system, so I decided to join them and sing some songs. I have a throat cold, but they still really liked it, so it made me happy hah.

All in all, I am really glad I got to participate in both field trips, even if it was basically babysitting. I could still enjoy myself and have many new experiences AND the students were great anyways so it wasn’t work at all. I can’t believe it has been over 10 months already. I am due for a visit back home very soon, but it will only be a short visit, because I signed a new contract to teach here for another year. Still, it will feel really nice to come home and see everyone, I can’t wait! I’ll post again soon, I promise!