Hey all,

I said I wouldn’t wait so long between posts, but here we are exactly one month since my last post! I apologize, but you’d be surprised how quickly time passes! So much has happened since then, but I’ll start with Cherry Blossoms. I haven’t had the chance to see too many Cherry Blossoms in my lifetime, so I felt really blessed to see them in my own city! Unfortunately it was not the greatest weather when they were at their best, so the pictures don’t really do justice to the experience. They aren’t really popping in these pictures, but trust me, in person they stand out so beautifully.

This is in Haemi, about 2 minutes walk from my apartment. The Cherry Blossoms continue for quite a while, even paast the Church I showed you last time. I officially visited the area two times, the first time was overcast and produced these pictures. The second time was much better but I didn’t take any pictures, just enjoyed the experience with a friend. The window of bloom-age is very small, maybe 2 weeks tops. After that, the trees shed the white/pink petals and go back to normal. The second time I went was near the end of the blooming period, so the petals were falling. It was like pink snow, very romantic.

Hopefully you liked the pictures, I’m not happy with them at all, even after spending a long time post-processing them. Last month I also attended a close co-workers wedding. The wedding was a mess of course (Korean Weddings), but both the Bride and the Groom looked great, and they had a good time, which is all that matters. After the wedding, a few co-workers decided to spend the day visiting a few of the beaches close by. So we drove around for about 7 hours, visiting 5 different beaches. It was really nice, one of them had a long dock with a lighthouse at the end. On the sides of the dock there were large concrete objects pieced together which looked very unique. There were also tons of old people getting Soju’d off their asses while fishing, with as many as 3 rods being used simultaneously, each! On our way home we stopped at an Observatory to look at the stars. I love space, so it was a nice surprise that they decided to visit such an interesting place. The second floor ceiling retracted to give a great view of the stars.

That’s all for today… I’ll try to do a couple posts in a row to get you up-to-date. Hope everyone is doing well, I am doing really well too!

-Rossi 🙂