Hello friends,

This weekend I’ve just been relaxing mostly, trying to rest off the cold I currently have. It’s pretty well gone now, 1 or 2 more days and I’ll be 100%. I had a good run; I haven’t been sick since I arrived here 9 months ago. This week I also began teaching my afterschool classes. Being sick plus taking on a heavy workload left me pretty drained throughout the week. But I really enjoy afterschool classes because I can plan them how I want. I have 6 extra classes per week this year: 4 for Elementary and 2 for Middle School.

I hear that in Canada the weather has just been amazing for the past week. Korea is playing catch up right now, we are only hitting mid teens right now. This weekend was particularly nice, so I went on another sightseeing adventure today. When I take the bus I always see a really nice church off in the distance, and today I finally went to see it. Here are some pictures!

I am so glad I finally walked out to see this beautiful church. It would always catch my eye in the landscape. Thanks to the weather today, the sky really helped to convey the churches light, airy atmosphere. It wasn’t too far away, maybe a 15-20 minute walk, and I figured since I was still sick it would be a nice, low impact adventure. In this area there are actually four churches very close together, but the others were surrounded by power lines and love motels so I decided not to bother taking pictures. I am unable to provide any background information about this church, though I know Haemi was an important place for the establishment of Roman Catholicism in Korea. Haemi was also an important place for the clashes that resulted from religious difference, which relates back to one of my first posts where I showed you pictures of Haemi Fortress.

Even though the city I live in is tiny, it still has a rich historical background. Being in the presence of such history always makes me happy, even though I’m not much of a historian. History is very taxing on me mentally. If I get myself wrapped up in the history of a place, it can really make me depressed. Contrarily, being physically in the presence of a historical place fills me with wonderful feelings and emotions. It’s strange, I guess I just have to enjoy the feeling and not let the historical weight wear me down.

A co-worker is giving me her mini-oven tomorrow at school. She said she never uses it so she said she wanted to give it to me. I’m not entirely sure what exactly she means by mini-oven though. It could be a toaster oven, microwave, or an actual mini-oven. I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers for an actual mini-oven, so I can have some baked goods haha. Either way she is being extremely generous, so I won’t be complaining no matter what (well, unless it’s a microwave, because I already have one ).

Today I realized that one of my students put a password on the calender and security options of my cell phone. I guess I have to make a new rule for touching my cell phone, and hopefully I can figure out what the password is on Wednesday when I get back to the Elementary School. I have no idea who did it, but whoever it is, is a little jerk haha. That’s all for now, I hope everyone is healthy and happy :). You have no idea how much I miss you all (unless you miss me a lot, in which case, you know exactly how much I miss you ~).